As the Business Leaders of the Hooray! Sales Organization, we believe our job is to build dreams, to help others discover what lies inside them and then to guide them to be all that is possible. It starts with believing in others; in seeing the potential in them, many times before they see if in themselves. We create the vision, and we help them to see themselves in the picture. Then, we take them by the hand, let them know that we are here to guide them, to support them, and more importantly to teach and empower them to be what they are capable of being.

Title: Business Leaders
Organization/Team Name: Hooray! Sales/Hooray! Big Dogs
Started in Tupperware: Sept. 1980

Academic Level Achieved:
Marcia: BA Environmental Studies, UNC-CH
Charlie: BA Political Science, MS Exercise Physiology UNC-CH

3 Things I love about my Tupperware business:
Unlimited Potential
Mentoring and helping others to succeed

Trips, Awards earned:
SO MANY TRIPS, Europe, Asia, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, CRUISES, Diamonds, Home Furnishings, Electronics, more Tupperware than you can imagine. Just booked another all expense paid trip to Disney for my two Grand-daughters!

Favorite Quote:
If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. ~henry david thoreau

Our Story:
After the birth of our son, Evan, I decided to leave my career as an Environmental Scientist and start a Tupperware business, part-time for extra money. Quickly, I realized the potential of a home based business, and when expecting our daughter, Corinne, I promoted to manager and qualified for the first of my many company vehicles. Imagine, no car payments and no car insurance! Just one of the many perks I’ve experienced in Tupperware. Working with a team, helping others succeed, led Charlie and me to the decision to become business partners. Charlie resigned his job as a Research Biologist and we began working together, giving us the opportunity to help others achieve success and see our efforts focused on like goals for our family.

With Charlie as my business partner, we’ve experienced the joys of working together with common goals and aspirations. We’ve traveled the world, thanks to Tupperware. In recent years, we visited Hong Kong, Eastern Europe, New York City, Las Vegas and Orlando, all compliments of our Tupperware business. Growing up, our children also learned the value of hard work, goal setting and achievement, which has helped them as successful adults. Through our Tupperware business, we have been able to fulfill many of our life goals, including sending both of our children to the college of their choice without borrowing money, as well as purchasing a second vacation home!

One of the most gratifying aspects of our Tupperware business is helping others achieve their dreams. We work with each of our Tupperware consultants to create a plan of action that will enable them to build a successful business. Helping others succeed has also allowed us to be a contributing member of the community, supporting numerous charities, including the Boys & Girls Clubs, Thompson Children’s Home and Hope for Haiti.

Little did I realize when I started my Tupperware business in 1980 how my life would be filled with such enjoyment because of a YOB – having Your Own Business offers flexibility, financial freedom and FUN! Through the years, my business has expanded to fit my family’s needs – and offered us a family business opportunity.

Live the life you’ve imagined – In Tupperware, you truly CAN have it all!

Get a closer look at this philosophy in action in this video, produced by the Tupperware Brands Corporation.