How much money will I make?

Consultants earn 25% commission on all product sales, including sales specials. Consultants have the opportunity monthly to earn a volume bonus.

Example: If you hold two average parties a week you can earn $1400 a month.

Times invested for two parties a week is between 6 to 8 hours.

Additionally, as a team leader, you have the opportunity to increase your earnings by a few hundred dollars to a 6-figure income, in a very short time.

What opportunities will I have to move up in Tupperware and earn even more money?

There are several opportunities for you in Tupperware. You promote yourself by recruiting others to join your Tupperware team and meeting team sales and personal sales minimums. Entry level begins at Manager, and progresses all the way to the Elite levels at 5-Star Director and above.

And there’s no waiting period! You could promote yourself in your first weeks!

Is there a minimum sales requirement?

To activate your account, you will want to sell $500 in your first thirty days. Then sell $250 every four months to remain active. This allows you to make commissions on sales you place, to purchase samples at 35% discount, and to sponsor others in the business.

Do I have to hold Tupperware parties?

The Tupperware Party has been the foundation of success since 1946. Initially, the Tupperware Bowl and Seal were unique and needed demonstrating. Today, we are so much more than bowls. Our innovative products are all about helping people live better lives. Parties are the best way to sell the most Tupperware, because you have several people that you are selling to at the same time. Hence, you can connect with more people in less time. It’s about a fun, interactive experience using our products to create delicious recipes.

You can hold fundraisers, sell via your Tupperware Website, sell to friends and family, pass out catalogs, and many other ways, including social media.

However, this is your business. So you decide if holding parties is the best method for you.

What does it cost to get started?

Our Opportunity Kit contains many of our signature products, along with business supplies to get you started on the right path to success. Valued at over $300, your initial investment is just $99, plus tax. With our 2 Payment Plan, you can get started with as little as $39* down, and qualify to have the balance paid by Tupperware by selling $1000 in your first 60 days.

Add to your kit with our Confident Start program. By holding just 1-2 parties a week in your first 13 weeks, you can earn over $2500 or more in products and gifts, including an iPad! Click here to get started today!

What do I need to do to get started?

The next step is to complete your application and open your account. Then we will work together to create the plan for success that works best for you. Our most successful consultants begin with a “launch” party, spreading the word with friends and family about their new business. Many of our consultants have maximized this by holding “in home” cooking classes and “online” Facebook events. Working with your contact list, our goal will be to schedule classes and events in your first 4 weeks. Take advantage of the training available to support your growth.

Ready to Start Earning Money with Tupperware?

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