Why Join Tupperware & Hooray! Sales

You’re in business for yourself, but not BY yourself.

When choosing the Organization you want to grow with, it’s important to know that your goals and philosophy align with the culture of the team you’re joining.

At Hooray! Sales, our mission is simple – to help every Tupperware consultant on our team to achieve the level of success they desire. Our goal is to provide every Tupperware consultant the training and support needed to build a thriving business. As part of our team, your success is important to us. Each new consultant is encouraged to meet with a director to discuss her goals and dreams, and to formulate a plan to move one towards living her dream life. The first step is scheduling a launch party to announce the new business and to market oneself effectively.

We offer a comprehensive training and mentoring program to build fundamental sales and leadership skills. Weekly meetings at our state of the art Tupperware Studio in Charlotte, NC, area trainings, online streaming, and one on one training offer each person the support needed for individual growth. Additionally, we receive weekly updates and training available from our Tupperware Home Office, as well as our Hooray! Sales Facebook Groups.

Instead of dreaming about the life you’d like to live, let this year be the year that you LIVE YOUR DREAMS. Join the many Hooray! Team members that earn a six-figure income while working their home-based business around their families, instead of striving to find time for their families around their work schedules. Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your quality of life and bring happiness to yourself and others.
OUR formula. YOUR success.

If success means doing what you love, there is a lot to love about Tupperware. While building your income, the rewards can really add up: more time for the moments that matter, money toward bills, trips around the world, the recognition you deserve and the opportunity to drive a promotional car. You do the math.