What will 2020 bring?

In just a few days, 2019 will be a memory and a new year will begin to unfold.  What will 2020 bring for you?  We can WISH, we can HOPE, we can WAIT and SEE, but if we really want this coming year to be better, stronger, happier, more fulfilling, then we have to ACT!

The first thing to act upon is your VISION – where do you want to BE one year from now?  What will you be doing?  What accomplishments will you have achieved?  Be specific and visualize how it will look and how you will feel when you reach your goal.

Write it down as if you are looking back and recounting the year you are finishing. “It’s Dec. 31, 2020, and WOW, what a year this has been. I stepped up to Director in my Tupperware business and went on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.  With my earnings, I was able to pay off my college loan – 5 years early! It feels so great to know that I’ve been able to help 50 other people start their businesses and live life on their terms!”  Read it out loud several times and keep it handy to reread throughout the year.

Then, break down what it will take for you to make this affirmation a reality.  In our business, more comes from more.  More parties means seeing more people. More people leads to more team members.  From more team members, come new leaders.

How much income would you like to have weekly? How many parties will it take to generate that amount?  Build a list of potential hosts and start asking.  Aim to start each month with that number of parties already scheduled. $100+ profit from each party held – 3 parties held a week = $300+ so I need to start my month with 12 parties scheduled.

Coach your hosts to always have 10+ in attendance and be a talent scout for new team members at your parties. Share the opportunity at every party and pick out 2 or more to personally invite to join your team. Aim to add 1 or more new reps weekly and watch your team count grow!

See the potential in each new team member and encourage them to share with others and move up to manager and beyond.  The great thing about our business is that the more we SHARE, the more we GROW!

Take advantage of every training opportunity available, be a walking, talking testament of the success you are achieving.  As this new decade unfolds, create the VISION you want by ACTING today!

Send me a message and let me know what 2020 is going to bring for you!

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