Charlotte, NC

Rachel Christley

Executive Manager

Leader of Keepin' It Fresh

About Me

Started Tupperware: 2017
Academic Level Achieved: High School Diploma

Three Things I Love about my Tupperware Business:
1. I love that I can work from home with my kids
2. I love that I've redone my entire house with FREE products I've earned just for partying
3. I LOVE that I was able to elope in Hawaii on the FREE Trip for 2 I earned from Tupperware!

My Story

I joined Tupperware two weeks after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in January 2017 and losing my mediocre serving job due to a hospital stay. I had just had my second son and I knew something needed to change so I finally gave Michelle Davis the opportunity to speak to my heart and what happened next changed my life forever. Before I knew it my business had exploded under her guidance and I was a Manager, then a Star Manager, Executive Manager, Director and even a Star Director.Thanks to the amazing Organization I built working from home my then-boyfriend and I were able to go to Honolulu, Hawaii for FREE where we eloped which is something that never would have been possible before Tupperware became a part of our lives. I haven’t missed a holiday with my children in almost 2 years now, I haven’t struggled to pay the bills, and I haven’t had to tearfully kiss my children goodbye to work for someone else, somewhere else. I finally have control of my own life and my own time and I will always be grateful for that. I look forward to the life my family and I will be able to enjoy because of this business.

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