Greenwood, DE

Mary Lou Warren

Executive Manager

Leader of Energizers

About Me

Started Tupperware: 1985
Academic Level Achieved: Bachelor Degree

Three Things I Love about my Tupperware Business:
1. Love the product 2. Love meeting the people 3. I so enjoy doing the parties

My Story

I began my career 33 years ago (did not know it would become my career) because I loved the product. Then I saw the potential for income and the job that could allow me to be a stay at home mom. This same opportunity provided the means to have our child in private school, pay for college, help with grad school, and provide a beautiful wedding for that little girl. And as that age for retirement was approaching we choose to relocate to Delaware (I was in South Carolina for 46 years). So I could take my business with me and, thanks to internet, can still stay connected with my team in 3 different states. This awesome business is allowing me to work the business, help with childcare for our wonderful grandson and to be here to care for my husband. It is a wonderful opportunity and makes me very happy !!

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