Jolandra White

Executive Manager

Leader of Tupptimistics

About Me

Started Tupperware: 2012
Academic Level Achieved: Master's Degree

Three Things I Love about my Tupperware Business:
1. The opportunity to share so much with others 2. The financial and prize bonus just for working my business 3. The interaction with some amazing and supportive people

My Story

I first started my Tupperware business because I was curious. I had a direct sales business and although sales were okay, it was not profitable for me. After being a host at my first Tupperware party, I asked a lot of questions to compare Tupperware to my business. At the time, I was more interested in product discount than fully working the business. However, I realized I might be able to make this business successful.

So, with much encouragement and support from my recruiter, I started sharing with others that I sold Tupperware and my business officially started in April 2013. I am proud to be a Tupperware consultant and love what it is teaching me, from how to prepare healthier delicious meals for my family to how to show others how to save time and money by using products that prolong the life of their food and more. Of course, the extra income added to my household is a bonus. But it is more about what I can do for others than it is for me.

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