Columbia, SC

Heather Autry

Executive Manager

Leader of Totally Tupperized

About Me

Started Tupperware: 2013
Three Things I Love about my Tupperware Business:
1. Being able to help others, either by sharing the opportunity or just giving them helpful tips for their everyday life. 2. The flexibility to party when it best suits my needs and schedule. 3. The products, of course! Shopping my own store at a discount for me and for gifts for family and friends is the only way to shop.

My Story

My Story

went to my first Tupperware party in April 2013. I wasn’t enthusiastic about going, because I didn’t think that I’d be able to afford to purchase anything at the party. Our finances were so tight due to my boyfriend being injured in an on the job accident, so I was paying for everything – rent, gas, groceries, you name it. (The state was paying for his schooling, and required that he remain unemployed while he was in their program.) Due to our budget beginning to bust at the seams, I started looking for a part time job to supplement our income until he finished school. I didn’t really want to flip burgers or work retail after working 40 hours per week in an office, but I didn’t see that I had a choice.

Then I went to this Tupperware party…and learned that I could make some extra money while earning free products, trips, even a free car!

I don’t know if it was God, fate, or just sheer coincidence that I went to that party, but I left that party finally feeling like maybe I could actually get somewhere instead of just treading water.

Part of it was the enthusiasm and encouragement of the consultant, but the biggest part of it was that I was – I AM – in charge of how much extra that I could earn per week based on the effort that I put into MY business. If I got an unexpected bill, or higher than expected utility bills, I can just plan to have more parties with fabulous hostesses (who earn all kinds of good stuff, too, I might add!) to help cover those bills. If I have family obligations, I can just mark them down on my calendar so that I don’t party those evenings.

Thanks to Tupperware, I now don’t have to make the choice between my income and my family – I can have both!

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