Follow your Dream Map

The way I see it, there are two kinds of dreams. One is a dream that’s always going to be just that….. A dream. A vision that you can never really hold in your hand. Then there’s a dream that’s more than a dream; it’s like…. A map. A map that you live by and follow for the rest of your days-  Knowing that someday you’re going to stand on top of that Mountain holding everything you thought of Right There In Your Hand!                     — Robert Cooper

In July, we celebrate the birth of our nation – one built on the promise of freedom and equal opportunity for all.  How fortunate we are in our Tupperware business to embody this ideal.  We have the freedom to set our own hours, to achieve whatever goals we set and never worry about someone else taking away our job.  Each of us has an equal opportunity to be successful – to move up the ladder to Manager, to Director, to Org Leader and beyond.  We truly do have the FREEDOM to make our DREAMS a reality!  And with that freedom comes a responsibility – to choose to act with purpose and with vision to change our lives and others as well.

Take just a few minutes today to think about people that you know that could benefit from this wonderful opportunity…friends struggling to make ends meet because of lay-offs and downsizing, neighbors who are working 2 and 3 jobs and have no flexibility, folks you see every day at places of business that are frustrated and unhappy.

Make it your goal to share your “passion” for what you do.  Invite them to be your guest at our upcoming cooking classes, rallies and Expos.  Ask your director to give them a call to share the facts. (You can ask the prospect would it be ok for the friend that got you started to just call and give them some info – no obligation)  With two start up options – the Summer Gig kit and the Executive Business Kit, we can help others have these same freedoms that we have.

And remember, success starts anew every day at a Tupperware Party.  You build relationships with new customers, help people get quality products for their homes that will make their lives easier, share great recipes and facts, and offer everyone the opportunity to get Tupperware products FREE or at discount by hosting or joining the business!  Our amazing host program gives your hosts the BEST for Less!  It feels GOOD to make someone’s day special with FREE gifts!

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